Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gold Gloves in '07

Just a little blurb about defense on a slow braves news day. Despite only fielding 7 eligible positions (LF was a platoon) it looks like the Braves have 5 players who have a chance at winning. I'm not sure how it would work for Tex, but the other 4 have a good shot. Take a look.

Chipper Jones: 9 errors, .971 F%, and .797 ZR in 1081.2 Innings
Edgar Renteria: 11 errors, .977 F%, and .800 ZR in 1019.1 Innings
Andruw Jones: 2 Errors, .995 F%, and .863 ZR in 1346.0 Innings
Jeff Francoeur: 5 Errors, .986 F%, and .875 ZR in 1441.2 Innings

Chipper ranks 1st in Errors, 3rd by .002% in F%, and 5th in ZR.
Edgar ranks 2nd in Errors, 8th in F%, and 10th in ZR.
Andruw ranks 1st in Errors, 2nd in F%, 7th in ZR.
Frenchy ranks 6th in Errors, 4th in F%, 7th in ZR.

In all honesty, Chipper has the best shot at winning this year from this snapshot. Rowand seems to have CF locked up, Vizquel has SS, and Corey Hart has RF. Btw, it looks like LaRoche is going to win the award at 1st.

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